Joy Adventure Costa Rica March 2025

Save The Date!!! MORE Info to Come some details may change!!

12 spots available – If you would like to pre hold your spot its $500 deposit

Hold onto your coconuts, because the Costa Rica Joy Adventure from March 7th-15th 2025, is about to whisk you away on an adventure that’ll have you saying, “Pura Vida, that’s the life!” Get ready to embark on a week-long escapade that’s joyfully wilder than a toucan’s dance moves!

Embrace Adventure, Joy, and a Splash of Cody Wasial, the mastermind behind this whirlwind of euphoria. Not only will Cody make sure you have a blast during the adventure, but she’ll also arm you with new tools to keep the good vibes going long after this Adventure  ends. Dance under the stars, connect with your spirit animal guides, and jam to the rhythm of the jungle – who knew personal development could be this exhilarating?

First up, waterfalls – prepare to be thunderstruck by their sheer awesomeness. Will you rappel down their cascading beauty or stand beneath them, taking in the roaring spectacle?

But wait, we’ve got a spa day for you with a twist! Have you ever played in volcanic mud? Get ready to smother yourself in rejuvenating volcanic mud that’ll hit spots you never knew existed (surprise, surprise!).  And guess what? We’re turning detox into a splashing good time with invigorating hot springs  let’s face it, it’s time to let those toxins go down stream where they belong! !

Lovers aren’t the only thing to be kissed, set your stress down and soak up the sun-kissed beaches epic built sandcastles.

let’s go bananas, it’s the jungle, and we’re all about seizing the moment! Fancy swinging through trees, horsing around Costa Rican-style, or ATV-ing through the jungle like a boss? You got it – let’s make those dreams a reality!

Hold onto your hat (or sombrero), because our Joy Guest Presenters are here to take the adventure up a notch! You’ll meet Zlatka Cholokova, a Gene Keys aficionado who’ll unlock the secrets to your inner joy using the power of Gene Keys. And let us not forget – Christopher Kent, bringing us into joyful manifestation meditations and sharing in  the humorous side of the healing path that’ll send your happy endorphins zipping through your body and mind  a sloth on a zipline.

Get set for a week of laughter, adventure, and embracing your inner child amidst the enchanting Costa Rican landscape and have yourself an adventure that has you asking  yourself , “Did I seriously do that?!”

Secure your spot now for the Costa Rican joy ride of your dreams!

Joy Adventure Costa Rica where Your life begins to  intertwine with the essence of nature and Joy.





Ready to sprinkle some glitter on the gray canvas of life? Let’s add a splash of joy, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of peace love and grace. Reach out to Cody — your personal cheerleader in the quest for happiness! Whether you’re looking to craft a smile or paint a giggle? I’ve got the magic wand. So, don’t just sit there like a plain bagel — add some funfetti cream cheese to your day!