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Some of the best ways Cody has found to support her mind body and soul on her journey is with these products. Each one has had an impact and Cody continues to use them in her daily life.

The Healy Device

Experience a new dimension of wellness with the Healy Device – a revolutionary FDA-approved bioenergetic resonance device championed by Cody for its transformative impact on overall well-being.

The Healy™ isn’t just a device; it’s a personalized wellness assistant. By employing bioenergetic scanning, it tailors frequencies uniquely for you, identifying and addressing your body’s specific needs in real-time. This portable wonder utilizes microcurrent frequency (IMF) programs to elevate health, vitality, and overall well-being.

Discover what Healy can do for you:

Cody swears by the Healy Device as a powerful aid during meditation, an energy booster for daily life, a travel companion for immune support during flights, and a tool for chakra alignment.

Begin your wellness journey with Healy today.


Experience the Power of Kangen: Medical-Grade Water Transformation.

Unlock the potential of water with our revolutionary Kangen device, trusted by medical professionals worldwide. This groundbreaking technology generates seven types of water, with over 50 versatile applications. Known as electrolyzed reduced water, it goes beyond conventional hydration—its unique properties detoxify the body and nourish cells at a fundamental level.

Cody swears by its incredible benefits, citing increased energy levels, reduction in headaches, weight loss, elimination of brain fog, and deep, cellular-level hydration. This water isn’t just a drink—it’s a transformative experience that cleanses toxins, cleans bacteria and chemicals off fruits and vegetables, and promotes healthier YOU, And plants loves it too growing more robust and vibrant. And the results don’t stop there.

Ready to discover the wonders of hydration and its life-changing effects? Take the next step towards a conversation by clicking here, or dive straight into ordering through this link. Experience the difference with Kangen—transforming the way you perceive water.

Learn more about Kangen during our “Come Out Hydrated” Master Class every Thursday at 5:30pm PST Kangen link to weekly Come Out Hydrated Master class – Every Thursday 530pm Pacific standard

YOUNG LIVING Essential oils

Exploring the Power of Essential Oils

Unlock a world of possibilities with essential oils – a versatile, natural remedy that can be used in various ways. Whether diffused for a calming ambiance, applied topically for targeted relief, or even ingested as food-grade supplements, the potential benefits are endless. However, the key lies in sourcing pure, high-quality oils from reputable brands. Research is crucial to ensure authenticity and purity.

Meet Cody, an advocate of health and wellness practices, who has seamlessly integrated essential oils into her life for over 15 years. Her trusted brand? Young Living. Cody’s firsthand experience spans from personal care to nurturing her beloved animals. From soothing cuts and scrapes to enhancing the immune system and alleviating stress, the impact of these oils has been transformative for her.

If you’re seeking reliable oils and wish to explore the world of Young Living, click the link below. Cody also offers the opportunity to schedule a call, where she gladly shares her diverse experiences with these oils in her life. Remember, while these oils have remarkable potential, they are not a substitute for professional medical care. Cody, though passionate, is not a licensed medical professional. She simply shares her love for these oils and how they’ve enriched her life





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