Seeking Joy?

Cody Wasial is America’s Joy Catalyst! Cody’s mission is to inspire individuals to reclaim their natural inclination for Joy and learn to live a life enriched by the power and playfulness of true happiness.

Cody’s enthusiasm and positive energy guide you on a transforming journey to understanding the difference between who you are today and who you can be tomorrow.

Your life.
Your Joy.
Your Path.

Hire Cody as a Motivational Keynote Speaker Or MC

Cody blends movement medicine, intuitive heart energy, and a positive mindset to shift negative patterns and behaviors into a reimagined future filled with improved health, renewed energy, and the motivation to live life on your own terms.

Audiences rise up and join in the contagious spirit of Joy as Cody skillfully presents her proven philosophy and practices for embracing and empowering a new you. Cody looks forward to working with you to identify a relevant topic and craft a message specifically targeted to your audience. Contact Cody Today!

Attend a Transformative

Joy Adventure


Several times a year, Cody leads retreats to beautiful settings where you are encouraged to release your inner child and explore the purest forms of Joy outside in nature and inside your heart and soul.

Joy Adventure Retreats are designed to challenge your boundaries and immerse you in a three-seven day experience that combines adventure, personal growth, and a jubilant celebration of life.

Each retreat is unique and includes special guest presenters, food, lodging, and entertainment. FAQ. Join the fun on the next Joy Adventure Retreat and gain invaluable tools to sustain your newfound Joy long after the adventure ends.


your way to Joy!

TranscenDance™ is a fusion of relaxed stretching, deep breathing, free-form movement, and conscious dance. It is a powerful transformational and healing art.

Cody is a registered facilitator of this popular creative modality and is happy to share this experience with you individually or in small groups. Get in the groove with Cody today!

Take this healing art to the next level and find out how YOU can become a TranscenDance™ facilitator.

Move Forward

With transformational Coaching

Harnessing the founding principle of The Cody Factor, Cody helps clients overcome obstacles and create an exciting vision for their future. With her intuitive wisdom and inspirational guidance, Cody initiates lasting positive change. Whether you wish to improve your health, relationships, career, or self-esteem, The Cody Factor empowers you to write a new joyful chapter in the story of your life.





Ready to sprinkle some glitter on the gray canvas of life? Let’s add a splash of joy, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of peace love and grace. Reach out to Cody — your personal cheerleader in the quest for happiness! Whether you’re looking to craft a smile or paint a giggle? I’ve got the magic wand. So, don’t just sit there like a plain bagel — add some funfetti cream cheese to your day!