Some examples of Cody Spreading Joy!

“She is a rare find who lives what she teaches…”

Steph, Coaching Client

“All we need is joy in our hearts and momentum in our souls to take our lives to the next level.”

The Cody Factor

“Cody is a force of nature! Her Joy is electric, her vitality contagious, and her wisdom beyond her years.”

Jennifer Joy Jimenez Co-founder of Brave Thinking Institute

“Cody engages and commands the audience with professionalism, humor, and creativity…she is an asset to any event.”

Jennifer “Gem” Rhodes, Owner & Founder Mind, Body, Soul Expo, LLC

“My body remembered me. It danced me to deeper self-love, confidence, and authentic soul expression. All I had to do was open the door to allow it to move and help me heal.”
TranscenDance™ Class Participant
“Cody helps people access the ability to change minds and moods at will. Moving from stuck to motivated action results in increased happiness.”

Transformational Coaching Client





Ready to sprinkle some glitter on the gray canvas of life? Let’s add a splash of joy, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of positivity with a pinch of whimsy! Reach out to me — your personal cheerleader in the quest for happiness! Whether you’re looking to craft a smile or paint a giggle? I’ve got the magic wand. So, don’t just sit there like a plain bagel — add some funfetti cream cheese to your day!