The Wee Plant JOY Project: Unveiling Our First Elephant Tale!

In the dawn of 2023, I birthed The Wee Plant JOY Project, a journey to sow seeds of happiness across the globe. As I sought ways to connect with elephants in South Africa, fate whispered the tale of Knysna Elephant Park (KEP), A spark ignited within me, and I reached out to KEP, asking if they needed any support or help. Little did I know, this inquiry would lead to the revelation of a heartfelt story and an opportunity to contribute to their incredible mission. It was then I was told about Harry and his kin that faced an eight-year separation from Sally and the others due to a relentless drought and I would also be told the drought has now ended and plans to Re-unite this family of elephants could begin. My heart filled with JOY and I stepped into action.

The Wee Plant JOY Project: Unveiling Our First Elephant Tale!

As KEP strives to reunite Harry and his companions with Sally and their fellow elephants, the need for funding arises. Our ambitious goal is to raise $47,000 to cover the expenses of helicopters, trucks, medical teams, and elephant handlers to facilitate the safe journey and of course extra elephant snacks. It feels serendipitous that their narrative found its way to me just as I was seeking for our first Wee Plant JOY Project. The decision was instant—our inaugural mission would be to support KEP in bringing their elephant family back together.

KEP’s story, especially the enchanting “How Harry Met Sally Elephant Edition,” has deeply touched my heart. Their dedication to conservation, education, and safeguarding elephants since the 90’s resonates profoundly, making it an honor to lead this project.

Our endeavor spans from November 9th, 2023, to April 28th, 2024, culminating in my visit to KEP. Throughout this journey, we invite you to virtually meet these majestic beings through live videos with Cody at KEP Elephant Park. In the days leading to my arrival, we’ll share interviews and videos, unveiling the progress of the elephants’ anticipated return between December 2023 and January 2024.

Join me in this adventure to PLANT JOY worldwide, as we work together to ensure a safe homecoming for KEP’s elephants and empower them in their vital preservation efforts.

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