Vision & Planning Gem Stone Meditation

Wee Plant Joy Project Fundraiser

Palette Vision & Planning GEM Meditation

Wee Plant Joy Project Fundraiser

DATE/TIME: April 7 11am-12:30pm

LOCATION: Palette Saratoga
Please use the entrance at 490 Broadway to the right of Mountainman Outdoor supply

Tickets: $38 (non-member), $30 (Palette Member)
To secure your spot txt Cody 518-376-0969

It’s Spring! The season to harness your renewed sense of energy from winter’s hibernation and confidently give it direction and focus to bring your aspirations to fruition.

In this 90 min guided meditation with Erin Sikopoulos and co-host Cody Wasial we will get your energy up and moving, breaking up stagnation with Poppy Jasper. With Lapis Lazuli we will connect with your mind’s and heart’s desires and bolster your self connection & confidence to attain those desires. Lastly, we’ll bring in Tiger’s Eye (a stone abundant in South Africa, home of our elephant friends of the Wee Plant Joy Project) to solidify your vision, focus and courageous action toward your goals.





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