Girlfriend Getaway Weekend

Embark on a soulful exploration!

Joyful Journey: The Message From Your Spirit Animal workshop with Cody Wasial, America’s Joy Catalyst.

Cody has spent a lifetime listening to animals. Her innate curiosity about the gifts and messages they bring has revealed that when we slow down and listen, animals guide us to a place of JOY.

Cody understands that animal spirit guides have a unique way of mirroring what we need to work on, cautioning us about potential challenges, revealing patterns that no longer serve us, and simply reassuring us that we are not alone. The insights from your spirit animal, unveiled through guided intuition exercises, become a meaningful beacon of light, helping you navigate your path with joy. Join us in this condensed session for a swift and impactful journey into the wisdom that your spirit animal holds.





Ready to sprinkle some glitter on the gray canvas of life? Let’s add a splash of joy, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of peace love and grace. Reach out to Cody — your personal cheerleader in the quest for happiness! Whether you’re looking to craft a smile or paint a giggle? I’ve got the magic wand. So, don’t just sit there like a plain bagel — add some funfetti cream cheese to your day!