Vision & Planning Gem Stone Meditation

Wee Plant Joy Project Fundraiser Palette Vision & Planning GEM Meditation Wee Plant Joy Project Fundraiser DATE/TIME: April 7 11am-12:30pm LOCATION: Palette SaratogaPlease use the entrance at 490 Broadway to the right of Mountainman Outdoor supply Tickets: $38 (non-member), $30 (Palette Member)To secure your spot txt Cody 518-376-0969 It’s Spring! The season to harness your […]

Crafty Creations Fundraiser

Hand-painting, Coloring, Beads and More it’s crafts GALORE Join Myself, Kelsey Marie and her Daughter Penelope in our Crafty Creations Fundraiser – Helping the Wee Plant Joy Project raise funds to support Knysna Elephant park in reuniting their elephants Harry and Sally whom have been separated for 8 years due to a drought. You will […]


Mar 2, 2024 2-3 pm at Inner Bliss in Schenectady TranscenDance™ is a powerful fusion of relaxed stretching, deep breathing, fun free form movement & conscious dance. Bringing in positive creative visualization, energy healing and embodiment coaching to support living a self empowered life and cultivating deeper self love. Through 10 different phases, each with […]